Hello, I'm Tia

I write books... reverse harem romance to be exact. It didn't start off that way, but things kinda escalated and before you know it... I have multiple characters my main girl can't resist. And what do I think about that? So what! Yep, I really do... because through written words you can make anything possible.

And what is the point of life if we have nothing to dream about? In my opinion, not much. Because I love to dream, fantasize and escape into my mind. Or into a good book.

So, the aim of my writing is to provide a place where you can escape too... if only for a little while.

It started off with a passion for reading. You could pass me anything and everything and I would read it. And then I joined Kindle Unlimited. Wow, that was definitely a turning point for me! Crime thrillers turned into romance, which led me to reverse harem. OMG! I loved it! A whole new world opened up.

But not only that, I decided to give it a go myself. And what do you know? People paid to download my books. Yep, they really did! Which is awesome.

For me, I use reading as an escape. I love nothing better than getting lost in another reality, where I can feel and experience a whole new world. And I want to share it with you.

Always dreaming - Tia KENZIE x

Speaking of dreaming... take a look at my current top ten #sinspirations! You're so welcome xx