My first ever blog!

Wow, this is Tia Kenzie, welcoming you to my blog. Hopefully I have something to say which you find interesting.


Hello and welcome.

I am a new author, of roughly 12 months. My aim is to use this blog for one... to keep you updated on new releases. And two... to offer advice for aspiring authors out there. You may wonder how someone with so little experience could offer you anything useful? Hmm, well let me put your mind at rest.

I am not an expert and would never claim to be. I write eBooks which are published on Kindle Unlimited, which people pay to read. Yep, they really do!

It's a really awesome feeling to know someone is actually reading your work, and hopefully enjoying it! But it's not as simple as you think, writing and then getting it out there.

Because... I have made mistakes. Many, many mistakes, which have taken me days and days to correct.

And I want to share them with you, so hopefully you don't fall into the same trap, and waste precious time that could be better used.

So, there it is! My first blog post!

Keep checking back if you would like to be wowed (yep, a bit much I know), or even better get in touch with any questions you would like me to answer.

Always dreaming... Tia KENZIE.