Let me inspire you

Inspirational Words - by Tia Kenzie

I believe in the power of words... in any format!

They could be in a book, on a sign, or even in a text message. But wherever you find them, words can be powerful.

As you know, (because I say it often enough) I am not an expert. But I don't think you need to be, not especially anyway. All you need to be is willing to offer up a few words, that when put together correctly can deliver a powerful message.

I know that it's easy for our hopes and dreams to escape us, leaving us 'stuck in a rut'. We accept our fates, sometimes thinking back on the dreams we had, and feeling sad that they won't ever come true.

We're resigned and feel there's nothing we can do about it, accepting it won't ever happen for us. We simply sit back and let our futures be mapped out and follow blindly along. Often we're not happy, or sometimes we are... but with a feeling of disappointment attached to that happiness. But we get used to the disappointment, and live our lives simply 'accepting' it, thinking there's nothing we can do about it... that we missed our chance.

Well I'm here to tell you that's wrong. Because we are in charge of our own futures and dreams. I mean yeah, I'm not saying that the gorgeous actor you've dreamed about marrying, or the lottery win you're imagined, are within your reach. Unfortunately. But there are other things that you can achieve.

Look at me for example. I always wanted to write books... since forever. But I let go of that dream when I had kids. My dream took a back seat while I threw myself into being a mum. But now my kids are older I've decided to do something about it. I may not be an overnight success, but that's okay. Because in less than twelve months I have published six eBooks on Amazon Kindle, and people are actually reading them! Which is great because... I wrote some freaking books! It may not be what I originally planned for (you know, bestseller in the local book store), but it's enough for me to lose the niggling thought that I'd left it too late to do anything about my dream.

So... here are a few words from me, which I hope you will read, absorb, and feel the power of strength in them. Because I want to remind you that you can take control back, and make changes that can lead you closer to your dreams. They're simply a few lines each, aiming for motivational, which I believe people can resonate with. You just need a little reminder!

Also, (sorry but I can't stop going on and on) let me tell you now... if you've had an eventful life, (like most of us) then these words will actually mean something to you.

Well, I hope my words had some kind of effect on you, (hopefully inspirational).

My favourite is the dare to dream one... because as you know, I'm a dreamer. Always have been, always will be.

No matter what happens in your life, dreams are something you should always hang on to. Even if they never come true, they're still something to aim for, to work for, but mostly... to exist for.

It's a big ass world out there. Don't settle for what you have if you want more. Make a decision, a plan, and go and get your dream!

I hope you found this useful and as always, if you have any questions or comments, you can contact me via the form below. Keep checking back as I'll be adding more very soon.

Always dreaming... Tia Kenzie x