Newsletter #1


Exciting News!

Exciting news I say, and I’m hoping it will be for some... I’ve had many people asking why my books aren’t available in paperback. The truth is - because I’m flying solo. I have no editor or marketing team behind me, so everything takes me so much longer to do. I wanted to get my stories out in eBook first, knowing that it’s much easier to rectify any mistakes within the story. With a paperback... not so much. Once it’s in print, mistakes and all, it’s there forever.

I don’t ever want to be known as a sloppy writer, because I put my heart and soul into my work. But the time has come for me to bite the bullet and commit my work to print.

Will they be mistake free? Probably not, because no matter how many times I check and recheck my work, I always find another thing to rectify. Which is not only soul destroying, but time consuming too. I have to admit that I spend way longer on editing, than I do on the actual story.

Oh, how I would love to have a team behind me so I can pass them my words, and leave them to work their magic and present me with the final piece. It would be wonderful and would free up so much time. But alas, I don’t, and probably never will. So bear with me my wonderful readers, because although I may not be the fastest at releasing new work, know that I am quietly plodding away, doing my best to give you a story to lose yourselves in.

So, not only am I going to put my work into print, starting with The Luna Moon Series, I’m also giving my paperbacks a makeover of sorts. My rationality being that people would be more inclined to read my books in public, with a more ‘neutral’ cover. Because come on, how many of us want to be seen reading books with a half naked guy on the front?

Some of you may be thinking me, and I’m with you on that. But I’m trying to think outside the box here. Because I am fully aware that many people out there, for whatever reasons, don’t feel comfortable in showing the world their choice of reading material.

I’m not sure if I’m making a mistake in all honesty, and this is where you come in...

If I did make my covers more neutral, would it stop you from wanting to read my work?

I am so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter, because at the end of the day, I write my stories for you. So your opinions are invaluable.

Well, I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes as I wait to hear back from you.

Always dreaming

Love Tia x